Benefits of CBD Products in Treating Sunburns

The popularity of CBD products is increasing day by day. We all have heard about the medicinal and potential benefits of CBD products. It helps to cure the various skin related issues like acne and skin inflammations. It is effective even in reducing depression, anxiety and stress. There are several other benefits of using CBD, which are yet to be explored. You may be surprised to know that CBD products are useful in treating sunburns aswell.

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What is sunburn?

Usually in the summertime when our skin is affected by the harsh sunrays for a longer period of time, it causes skin burns. Usually skin heals itself by sending inflammatory cells to the affected area. However, it is not the case for some people.

Generally, there are 2 types of sunrays – UVA and UVB. The UVA rays penetrate into your skin, causing skin cancer and early ageing. UVB penetrate the skin surface superficially and causes sunburns.

Sunburns are a delayed response and will appear around 12-24 hours after exposure. You may feel itchiness and pain on the skin. The affected area will become red. Some may also experience low blood pressure, nausea, weakness and vomiting due to extreme sun exposure.

Use of CBD Products to Treat Sunburns

There are many products like capsules, creams, lotions, and oil that reduce skin inflammations and burns. CBD oil is derived from the marijuana plant.  Many people have started using the oil for its wonderful benefits. Some of the benefits that CBD oil offers are listed below:

  1. Serves as an anti-oxidant

The oil has anti-oxidant property that helps to reduce the damage done by sun rays. While you are enjoying volleyball match in the extreme sunshine, the skin gets dark patch and blisters.  It causes harm to collagen present in your skin. This exposure to free radicals from the sunrays makes it look old and wrinkled. The oil is effective and reduces the effects of sunrays. It helps in restoring the damaged collagen as well.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory properties

Recent studies have shown that CBD products are effective in curing the joint pain and muscle pain. It includes anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties. It aids in reducing the chronic pain and gives cooling effect as well as soothes the skin. It also prevents the spread of infection and germs.

  1. CBD Oil is natural

Applying CBD oil is considered a natural healing process. It is the best remedy for curing the sunburns. The oil is completely organic and has no harmful chemicals. It is safe to use, as it nourishes the skin and helps in producing new skin cells.

  1. Zero side effects

You can apply CBD oil without worrying about anything, as there are no side effects. It won’t make you high, as it includes a very little amount of THC.

  1. Quick healing

Unlike other products, applying the oil ensures a quick healing process. It treats the patches and scars in just few days. You can also try oil with aloe vera to get the cooling effect. The combination of both oil and aloe vera nourishes the skin and makes it glowing. It makes the skin healthy as well.

How to Use CBD on Your Skin

Generally, the CBD products like lotions, creams, balms and oil are applied topically on the skin. Firstly, gently wash the affected area. Then, apply the product generously on the skin in several layers.

Some people ignore their sunburns and think that it will cool down in a few days. However, it leads to more itching, peeling and inconvenience. It can be harmful in the long run. CBD oil offers ample of benefits. It is an excellent choice and should be preferred over any other product. However, you can consult your dermatologist before applying if you are suffering from any severe skin issue.

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